YAPA Juvenile Justice System Webinar

Earlier this year, Young Americans Policy Advocacy took on a project to raise awareness about juvenile justice and educate our community on the current justice system. In the beginning, we weren’t sure how to structure our “project” — whether we should write an article, raise awareness through infographics, or reach out to people involved in the system and hear their thoughts on the juvenile justice system. Ultimately, we chose to do a webinar; the idea behind this webinar was to bring in a variety of speakers involved in the juvenile justice system to talk about their experiences with it. Read more…

To prepare for this webinar, we reached out to multiple speakers, brainstormed for our event, prepared material, and rehearsed many times. Our outreach was also extremely extensive; from writing cold emails to creating Instagram stories and posts to contacting friends, we conducted outreach to virtually everyone we knew. We also met with our speakers multiple time to get their feedback and insight on our presentation

On May 2nd, all of our work was set into action. To begin, we kicked our webinar off with a brief overview of YAPA and why we all involved. Then, panel speakers Senior Attorney Nadia Mozaffar and Detective Richard Wistocki passionately shared about their experiences with the juvenile system. Ultimately, we concluded with an extensive Q&A section with our audience.

I learned a lot from this experience. My interest in the juvenile justice system started in 2019, where I was involved with YAPA’s Juvenile Justice research cohort. I had a lot to learn, and my group and I wanted to display our knowledge to others and to educate more people on this important issue. Thus, we created a webinar where we reached a variety of different audience members, and I believe that our goal was achieved. However successful this webinar was, I believe that we can still continue teaching others about juvenile justice. There is no limit to how many people we can bring light to this topic, so I hope that as we increase more outreach and education around juvenile justice, awareness about this significant issue will also increase.

Here is the recording of our webinar: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/S61dNrlPD0Hq_zk3maidWuc0vQWyWG4VmoCc6sgjkWN4YICCmqeNBqEfr0WUTCjX.LQFbK7NHUpmi9YOk

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